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Narconon Drug prevention education in Greater Vancouver is delivered in Metro Vancouver, BC to prevent drug abuse. Metro Vancouver, BC needs to embrace drug prevention education in Metro Vancouver schools: elementary, middle and high schools. Either kids and teachers get the truth about drugs from drug dealers or their friends, or kids get the truth from professionals who understand how drugs are sold, shared and promoted.

Today in Metro Vancouver, BC dealers and drug pushers, promote illicit drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol as cure-alls to the next generation of naive drug users.

Our responsibility in society is to properly educate the kids about the truth and facts about drugs,  before they become dumbed down by the media and marketing efforts promoting its use. Narconon Prevention Education has the goal of getting the truth about drugs to your kids first, so they don’t get involved in dangers behavior.

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Drug Prevention Education in Vancouver and BC is improving due to Narconon Vancouver “Truth about Drugs talks”. No scare tactics or permissiveness is used in Narconon Vancouver drug talks. Straight truth about drugs are delivered right to the student with stories of real life experience, the anatomy of addiction, the biochemistry of drugs and how they affect the body, mind and person’s life.

The Narconon Vancouver drug prevention education talks are delivered in a way that a very young child could understand it. What Narconon Vancouver discovered is that the teachers and counselors of Greater Vancouver wanted prevention talks that were effective. As drug use will actually stop a person’s ability to be educated effectively, waiting until kids try drugs is already quite late. Instead of telling kids what to do or how to act, Narconon educates them on the subject of drugs and the consequences of drug use in the present and future.

BC number one industry is marijuana. In Vancouver, the promotion, false information and propaganda supporting marijuana has reached you the reader if you read the news. Do you have the correct information? Are you simply reading the dope promoters copy or have you gotten the truth about Marijuana? The Narconon Vancouver “Truth about Drugs” talks dissects advertising and shows kids how it works so they can understand it, in an effort to make them less susceptible to these powerful messages. How many times a day do kids hear pro-drug messages and see pro-drug images? How many times a year do kids get worthwhile drug prevention talks? How many of those talks illustrate better alternatives to peer pressure to doing drug? What is necessary for a drug talk to do to promote living without drugs?

Drug Prevention: Narconon’s CRYSTAL METH / ECSTASY / CLUB DRUGS talk

How long do drugs stay in the body, how do they effect the brain / mind, what are the long-term effects? All these questions PLUS how people get addicted and how drug abuse starts is discussed. Includes demonstrations, class participation, q & a, visual demos, etc.

Drug Prevention: Narconon’s DRUGS & GANGS

The big concern of many parents and teachers is “Will this kids / student be pulled into a gang? What can I do about it? Can I prevent gang involvement before he or she is in too deep? This is a very popular topic and presentation. We often include reformed gang members as co-presenters. This is a very powerful presentation.

For drug prevention programs to be effective, a series of talks on different factors of drug use needs to be done through out the year. Student questions have to be taken up and fully answered to the satisfaction of the student. Interactive talks that are fun and informative work the best

when working with especially young kids. Older students want more real life consequences and facts about drug use. Easy to remember functions of drugs need to be taught. Supporting materiel should accompany the talks. The tone of the talks should be friendly.

Education does not occur in the presence of drugs. Teachers want students who aren’t stoned and can actually think, participate and contribute to the class room setting. The solution is the series of Narconon Vancouver “Truth about Drugs” talks delivered in your classes at your school. Video tapes are also beneficial in areas which a speaker may not be able to visit.

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