Narconon Vancouver Society is a BC non profit corporation, incorporated in 2001 and in 2002 changed to our current name.

Founded by Tibor Palatinus, long time advocate of holistic and drug-free rehabilitation and recovery. Narconon Vancouver Society’s major purpose is to forward and support a drug-free society by providing honest factual information about drugs including street drugs, alcohol and pharmaceutical mind altering drugs, so people can make informed decisions about their use.

Narconon Vancouver Society forwards effective rehabilitation programs throughout North America. Our purpose is to support effective drug-free rehabilitation programs and programs that work towards abstinence from all mind-altering substances.

Our goal is a healthier, saner society.

Today, Narconon Vancouver Society funds and / or finds its own supporters of its drug prevention education programs. These are DVD prevention education programs intended for teachers, counsellors and educators for classroom or group presentations to youth and young adults.

The prevention education programs are sponsored by Narconon Vancouver Society and have a wide-spread endorsement across Canada and the world. Nearly 10,000 kids per month receive drug prevention education through these DVD programs and according to their teachers, receive the information very positively.

Contact info:

Narconon Vancouver Society
1780 W. Broadway
PO Box 14051
Vancouver, BC  V6J 0B9

Ph: 604-873-1762