February 8, 2012

Ecstasy Deaths: CTV News Interview of Tibor Palatinus, Narconon Vancouver Video

Ecstasy Deaths Shock Canadians

By January 15, 2012 several young people had already died or gone to hospital due to taking the drug Ecstasy or MDMA.

Although this drug is promoted through media channels as safe and even therapeutic, the reality is much different. Only days apart, young people are being killed by taking the drug ecstasy.

What is MDMA, or what promoter like to call it, ‘Ecstasy’?

Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver Interviewed by CTV News re: Drug Ecstasy

Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver Society tells Shaheed Devji of CTV News Channel 9 in BC on January 16, 2012 that even the word or trade name ‘Ecstasy’ was made up to sell more drugs.

The internal damage inflicted upon young people and adults is often ignored because it’s unseen, but not un-felt. MDMA has the power to burn out nerve receptors, reduce blood flow to key parts of the brain, elevate body temperature to blood coagulating levels, cause kidney failure and more.

But you won’t hear that story in the media or by the people who promote Ecstasy or MDMA’s use and abuse. Ecstasy dealers are in it for the money. BC pushes out 1,000s of pills for sale in BC, across Canada and into the USA.

Ecstasy Abuse Plummets Thanks To Media Warnings in 2002

What’s most horrific about this drug is that in 2002 Ecstasy began to wane in popularity. Big media talk show host Oprah Winfrey did a full expose on the drug Ecstasy and it got people talking about its dangers. Other media took up the call and spread the word about MDMA’s dangers. Use of Ecstasy drastically dropped across Canada and the USA.

But by 2009 Ecstasy Abuse on Rise in Canada

But in 2009 Ecstasy had regained its prominence in underworld crime and drug use proliferated throughout Canada. in 2012 Ecstasy use has reached levels where people are taking notice, again.

The Truth About Ecstasy’s Dangers

Tibor Palatinus, ED of Narconon Vancouver spoke with Shaheed Revji of CTV News about The Truth About Ecstasy. See the full interview on video below.

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