March 6, 2009

Drugs and Your Family – Metro Vancouver Talks March & April 2009

Free of charge 1 hour talks for parents and family members facing loved ones with drug abuse.

Emotional Ups and Downs and Drug Use

Emotional changes are normal but, drugs and alcohol hijack these emotions and move one up and down in life. Learning exactly what these emotions are and how to improve ones spirit without drugs is covered.

also discussed are,


Setting goals is very important to succeed at all. How does goal achievement relate to ones emotional state and health? How can one stay high toned by driving toward goals?

Where: 1455 W. 10th Ave Vancouver
Fire Hall Memorial Library, top of stairs
When: March 17th  7pm Tuesday
Bring: self, family, friends

NARCONON Vancouver Society is sponsoring weekly support talks throughout your community! Free of charge


Future Dates:

Firehall Memorial Library, Vancouver March 17th Tuesday, 7 pm

Queensborough Community Center  March 31, Tuesday 7 pm

West Vancouver Memorial Library April 2nd, Thursday 7 pm

RSVP 604-873-1762 or submit a brief email to us at Family Help

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