May 26, 2017

The Role of Parents with an Addicted Child

Of all of the different types of drug and alcohol addiction crisis issues that can and do come up in society, one of the most saddening and heartbreaking of them all is parents having to live with a young adult child who has been struggling with serious drug or alcohol addiction.


This is a tough issue to deal with to say the least, and one that should not be wished upon anyone.  Drug and alcohol addiction is something that affects people of all ages, demographics, sexes, races, geographic locations, income levels, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  There is no discrimination with drug and alcohol addiction and, spiritually speaking, any one person is just as likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol as any other person is.  This has become an unfortunate reality as the drug epidemic in the United States continues to spread.


With drug and alcohol addiction being as sadly common and prevalent as it is today, the biggest concern and the biggest worry among parents is that their kids will end up becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and will go off the deep end themselves.  They worry about this greatly, and rightly so too.  They worry that their kids will fall on hard times and become addicted to drugs and alcohol like so many other youngsters are these days.


What Parents Can Do About It


There are two ways that parents can approach substance abuse.  One way is if their kids have not yet engaged in it.  The other way is if their kids have engaged in it already.


If two parents have a kid who has already begun to use and abuse drugs and alcohol, then the focus needs to be on getting that kid into rehab as soon as is possible.  Young adults and teens die from drugs and alcohol far more easily and more often than older adults do, so this is not something to mess around with.  Your role as a parent at this point needs to be to get your kids into rehab as quickly as is possible.


If two parents have a kid or kids and addiction has not yet entered into their lives, then your role as parents is to focus on prevention and education.  You need to do everything within your power to absolutely ensure that your kids will not fall prey to an addiction.  You will be happy you took the effort in the long run.



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