May 18, 2016

W18 Warning: Vancouver, BC Street Drugs Lethal

Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver warns Vancouver Chinese speaking population about street drug dangers. W18, a lethal opioid drug more lethal than the strongest narcotic, is now found in Canada in trace amounts in cocaine and heroin. Fairchild TV Vincent Ng interviews Tibor Palatinus about the dangers of W18.

The message is simple: stay away from all drugs and street drugs in particular.  Tibor delivers drug prevention education in Metro Vancouver to school aged kids. The first step is to understand what drugs really are; next, what they do and consequences of taking; finally, better alternatives to taking drugs.

Tibor can be contacted for live Narconon drug prevention education or for free drug prevention DVDs and lesson plans by calling Narconon Vancouver at 604-873-1762

Opioid Drug W18 Threatens Canadians: Narconon Vancouver Tibor Palatinus interviewed by Fairchild TV -Chinese/ English from Tibor Palatinus on Vimeo.

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