January 21, 2010

The 2010 Olympics and Drug Deals, Drug Rehab

As the 2010 Vancouver Olympics start in under 1 month, how might these games or rather are drug infested city affect the Olympic games?

Vancouver, BC is a major port city for the rest of Canada and the US. Factually, a great deal of drugs move through our BC ports on their way to US markets according to the RCMP. Truthfully, many of the big drug players already have ‘family’ representatives in the metro Vancouver area. I’m not talking about biker gangs, I’m talking mafia.

When the world puts it’s attention onto Vancouver, BC on 2010 some of that attention will be from drug dealing sources. We can expect an increase of gang land struggles between rival street dealers and possibly major players making moves into the area the 6 months following the Games. Prices of drugs may fluctuate and quality of drugs should likewise see some changes up and down.

Thankfully the majority of people coming to Vancouver will be wonderful social individuals wanting to tour the area and take part in the Olympic tradition. Vancouver welcomes the athletes, families and tourists converging on our city in February, 2010.

Long Term Drug Rehab Centers in BC

Currently, if you want a private pay long term addiction rehab program in BC, you’ll be paying $10,000 to $20,000 per month for the nicer centers. Many people have paid $50,000 for several months at ‘Edgewood’ in Nanaimo, BC, some only to relapse shortly after but the majority to stay clean for a reasonable time following.

If one is comparing time / cost, the Narconon rehab program is probably the most cost effective and life changing detox and rehab program available today in Canada. An average stay is between 3 and 5 months. The average cost is $25,000; half the amount you’d expect to pay at similar centers.

You can call us at Narconon Vancouver 604-873-1762 or 1-866-266-6616 to discuss the Narconon program for yourself of a family member.

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