August 22, 2009

BC Drug Rehab – Narconon Rehab & Sauna Detox Program

Narconon’s BC Drug Rehab & Sauna Detox Program is back in British Columbia. Residential in-patient drug rehab and sauna detoxification program for private pay students / clients.

Private pay clients will be welcomed onto the program after acceptance by our intake counselor and agreements to abide by the acceptable behaviors required for continued advancement through rehab.

Narconon’s holistic drug & alcohol rehab program meets and often exceeds family and rehab client’s expectations of a drug rehabilitation program. The difference in Narconon’s holistic program is that the physical health of a former drug abuser is rehabilitated first with a sauna detox program, proprietary and unique to drug rehabilation and detoxification programs.

Next, the Narconon rehab program in BC guides a person through their rehabiliation. Each person’s personal life and connections are inspected by the person themselves. Special courses and counseling is directed at correcting damaging behavior or abusive personal connections.

Contact our intake counselor for admission onto the Narconon BC Drug Rehab & Sauna Detox program at 604-873-1762, ask for admissions.

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