May 8, 2010

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Vancouver, BC

Drug rehab in Vancouver, BC focuses around 28 to 35 day rehab programs and extends itself for economic purposes through therapeutic communities TC. 2 months in a TC is not rehab, although you’ll probably be charged for it.

Drug rehab centers are about rehabilitation, returning a person back to proper function. While some drug abusers can accomplish a full rehabilitation in 30 days, many addictions and life disorders don’t resolve in 30 days. Simply rehab is not completed in the allotted frame of time for recovery. Relapse becomes inevitable, returning a person back to the $700 to $1,000 / day rehab center, to only be released early and relapse or revert back to drug use.

What’s happening here?

Relapse often fails because the rehab program was not properly fitted to the person’s life or drug or alcohol abuse. A TC isn’t rehab. People given a proper and full rehab program would achieve rehabilitation during the course of a rehab program. TC would only be a transition phase out of rehab.

A learning model of rehabilitation would be better fitted for a person with life issues which were not resolving in the conventional 30 day rehab programs. While many executives, business people and successful individuals want to get back to their lives, urgency to return does not mean a rehab program should be shortened for time or work saving purposes.

A full rehab program would help the person come to terms with all aspects of the causes of drug / alcohol abuse, not just the consequences. The learning model of rehab focuses on the causes of addiction and helps a person address those life issues which are ruining their lives. Yes these can be handled. But life is not handled by ignoring or avoiding it.

Rehab is a place where people get their own determinism back to live life on their own terms and taking on their due responsibility for themselves, family, society and the consequences of their behavior on others. That’s a tall order, yet that’s what rehab should be doing.

Are you or a loved one going to accomplish that in 30 days?

Contact Narconon for a drug / alcohol rehab program which rehabilitates people fully without justifying or making excuses.

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