February 19, 2009

Vancouver Shootings, Drugs and Kidnappings — Problems and Solutions

Vancouver, BC appears to be the center of a drug and crime turf war. Many long-time Vancouverites are asking, “What is happening to my city?” As a 40 year resident in Greater Vancouver, I’m wondering if these acts of violence are a manifestation of societal decay, loose drug laws and an apathetic community.

Greater Vancouver — War Zone in The Home

I’ve been called by West Vancouver, North Van, Kerrisdale and Quilchena home owners whose young adult children were extorting their parents for protection in their own homes. In one case a West Van mom had her two boys threaten to kill themselves if she would interfere with the crack use.

A Quilchena family was kept in fear of having to bend their will to their son who would show up with a new BMW in their parking lot if mom and dad wouldn’t buy the kid one for himself. He didn’t work or go to school. But he placed his own and his family’s welfare in jeopardy for flash.

A North Van mother knew her son was working a grow op while his girl friend was pregnant with her soon to be grand child. If mom didn’t pay off his drug debts to the cocaine dealers who were after him, he was threatening suicide.

If this sounds like fairy tails to you, no it’s deadly real. These are case histories of people I worked with. All these kids are holding their families as moral hostages in a game of corruption which began long before then.

Gangs and Materialism — Drug Use is Sabotaging Character

Materialism is being taught on every TV, mall and in every University, morality is based on material possessions and money. If you are in doubt about this, ask how many ethics, character and philosophy courses are available in any public high school today. If you’re hoping for watered-down Disney ethics to do the trick, you’d better get some training yourself.

Gangs recruit kids from the age of 10 and 11 in elementary schools. These are the same tactics that the the Hitler Youth would recruit naive younger people — they used the stolen property and money from the neighbors, Jews at that time. Today gangs use drug, prostitution and stolen property money to ‘buy’ cooperation. But the faster way is for gang members to apply peer pressure, gang and bullying tactics to threaten or ‘protect’ vulnerable kids.

Ethics and Character Leadership

Values and morals can be taught. In fact, the final component of the Narconon rehab program is a common sense guide to better living called ‘The Way to Happiness’. This booklet, when applied has changed hardened criminals into peaceful and lawabiding citizens. Teaching values and successful strategies of succeeding in living can also bring a young person back to being themselves.

Videos and manuals. See our Narconon videos or the index for further videos on drug rehab.

If addiction has already taken hold of your son or daughter, call us about our rehab program. It gets over 75% long-term success rate and is available for 18 year olds and up.

Tibor A. Palatinus

Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist


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  1. Danielle Says:

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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    Wow, excellent drug abuse post! I am intrigued.

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