August 23, 2009

West Van, BC Drug Rehab Help – Alternative Non-12 Step

Natural BC Drug Rehab & Detox

West Vancouver, BC has a devestating drug and alcohol abuse problem that is undercover. Big time drug dealers live and work in West Vancouver, BC. Supplies of cocaine, heroin and other drugs quickly get to the rich and famous residents and party goers of West Van., BC.

The families of West Vancouver, BC need and want a holistic and natural Drug Rehab and Detox program that brings their family back together and helps them get back the loved one they are loosing to drug abuse. Many families have already sent their loved ones to Edgewood, the Orchard and other higher end BC Drug Rehab Centers.

BC Drug Rehab – Alternative Holistic Program

Contact us for rehab recommendation or admission details. Alternatives to traditional 12 Step and ‘disease’ based addiction philosophies are available to West Van, BC residents. Many drug & alcohol abusers don’t fit into disease based models or 12 Step recovery program philosophies. Many alcohol and drug abusers will end their own addiction before it kills or seriously impairs them.

Not all drug abusers are predestined for a life of chemical intoxication. Many are normal people who simply got severely sidetracked by drugs and need help finding themselves again. Drug & alcohol abusers can repair the damage that they’ve done and rehabilitate themselves IF they use the right tools, directions and alternative drug rehab & detox program.

An alternative drug rehab & detox program would first acknowledge the drug abuser can and should decide it’s time to take charge of their own lives. Now the person will need lots of help to get to rehab, stay with the program and succeed.

Drug Rehabilitation Philosophy – Success

  • People can be helped to end their years of drug & alcohol abuse and are expected to be successfully rehabilitated
  • A decision to be healthy and take charge of their own life is expected for rehabilitation success
  • Sometimes drug abusers need lots of help, persuasion and insistence that they changes their ways and be informed of the natural consequences of continuous drug & alcohol abuse (when properly done, this is called Intervention and is best done by a professional interventionist). Intervention is not rehab.
  • People who decide to get rehab help require new skills and knowledge of how to successfully live clean and sober
  • Removing residual toxic residue baggage stored in the body is the best detox method to prepare one for a new drug-free life. Toxic thoughts come from toxic bodies, clean thoughts come from clean healthy bodies
  • Rehabilitation means to bring back to proper condition; return to being able; make right and proper
  • Intelligent and systematic right actions and open communication applied to problems resolves difficult situations
  • Anyone, despite prior situations, such as what was done to them or what they’ve done, can improve their conditions in life and end drug & alcohol addiction
  • Starting a new drug-free life requires their participation.
  • One’s own decisions, agreements and actions makes one into a drug addict or alcoholic. You have the power to change your own decisions, agreements and actions and reclaim your life

You could admit someone in one day and begin their new drug-free lives by calling today.

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