Marijuana Promotion and Marketing
A 21st Century BC Business

Marketing: the conceiving and packaging and the moving of a specific product into public hands. It means to prepare and take to and place on the market. (LRH – ED 459-56 Flag)

Promote: to contribute to the progress, development, or growth of; further; encourage. ( Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary)


Getting the Truth About Drugs in a Drug Education Prevention presentation in Metro Vancouver is an effective way to teach the truth about marijuana abuse.
The Promotion and Marketing of Marijuana is taking the same avenues as legitimately marketable products in BC. You’ll see promotion of pot in magazines, newspaper, given political support, health officers endorsing or failing to denounce it, Judges failing to convict, Newspapers report many smoking it, and ‘compassion’ clubs selling it.

Marijuana has been positioned below or ‘not as bad as’ alcohol and cigarettes for only one reason: To gain acceptance with an unfamiliar public market, i.e. those who aren’t pot heads or haven’t smoked pot. These positioning efforts are NOT an effort to show how safe marijuana is. If that were true why would the promoters have chosen the two most deadly substances in the world? Marijuana use destroys character, ethics and lowers standards of behavior. Marijuana kills people slowly, so slowly that the weed smoker will assist in their own demise.

Marijuana positioning and marketing efforts are in the direction of gaining acceptance of the hallucinogen in a naive society.

Interestingly alcohol and tobacco (drugs) are the two most used drugs on the planet. Are they the most dangerous because they are dangerous or because they are accepted drugs and used more than any other? Truth be told, they are dangerous because they are the drugs that are accepted and used more than any other. Marijuana promoters and pushers would like marijuana to take ranking against the big two of alcohol and tobacco. But who is cashing in on this huge marketing and promotional effort and who is paying for it?

Illegal trade of BC marijuana is between $ 3 and $6 Billion per year. If your selling it or its products (seeds) most likely your harvesting it as a cash crop, lying, hiding your actions and living like a criminal and tax evader or a ghost living off the lives of others. If your buying it you have seen many take stronger drugs, ruin their health, have relationships disintegrate, seen people use and get stoned instead of achieve worthwhile goals and some have seen worse and turned their heads. By taking attention off the results and saying it didn’t happen because of the pot doesn’t change the consequences of this billion dollar business – BC’s largest, from reeling in its toll.


Marijuana’s earliest use was in doping up would-be assassins over one thousand years ago. The THC in hash is an effective hallucinogen and hypnotic. People are very suggestible when under the influence of marijuana. Usually their suggestibility is from people with low moral conduct. Marijuana reduces intelligence and drive to achieve goals.

Factually about 1/3 of  criminals today in jail test positive for THC or smoking weed. Marijuana and violence have a long history together. Weed smokers are more angry, violent and criminal than people who don’t smoke weed.

Smoking marijuana makes people stupid. People who can’t quickly understand how to get along in society disregard others, break the law and eventually the law catches up with them and they go to jail.

The death toll in car accidents, sports injuries, workplace accidents etc. etc. extends beyond the day pot is smoked. Marijuana stays active in the system for 30 plus days altering a person’s perception, coordination, judgment, and slows reflexes. In Australia over 50% of drivers tested in car accidents test positive for marijuana. I don’t know that testing is usual in other countries. Many dope experimentation involving moving up to harder drugs are done in connection with pot or alcohol.

Unprotected sex with risky partners is again done more often while stoned. I heard of a male marijuana toker who had AIDS and infected ½ dozen young women one summer in Whistler, BC. I recall his comment was, “That’s their problem”. Sense of personal responsibility for the consequences of ones actions and marijuana smokers don’t often go together. Consider how much responsibility a friend takes for giving his buddy his first toke (inhale) of marijuana, and years later finds out his buddy is now smoking crack cocaine? All roads have a beginning.

Instant gratification is the goal of pot smokers. True accomplishment and skills learned require breaking through difficulties. Getting through difficulties and accomplishing goals is happiness.

Let’s look at who has the most to financially gain from promoting and marketing marijuana to the current political opinion leaders, and of course the 8 year olds who visit the marijuana stands and see others smoking their weed and ask what they are doing? Drug dealers, pot growers incapable of supporting their habit, criminals, pimps, pushers, organized crime, drug companies, opium traders, drug crop land owners are all financially gaining from a product (marijuana) that has but one true result: oblivion, forgetfulness, destroyed ambition, apathy, slow death of an entire future generation. If you agree with soft marijuana laws, then drug pushers produce more drug addicts because of an expanding market into which they can push drugs. By hanging out with others who smoked pot, I came into contact with drugs like LSD, cocaine, speed, ecstasy: Drugs I would never have heard about or even seen had it not been for me smoking pot. Through buying seeds from dope promoters, the sellers in turn gain more acceptance and grow op’s supply criminal organizations with marijuana which often is traded for cocaine. More addicts get created even if one does not immediately see it happening. When smoking dope you encourage everyone you come into contact with that doing dope is OK because you’re not dead from it yet. One sets an example by their own actions and this impression goes along way in the eyes of a younger person. There is no way an 8 year old is ready to make informed decisions about drugs or handle the effects of drugs on his growing body. Eighteen year olds are also impressionable. Financial profit or oblivion is often the goal of drug pushers and users. Is the cost to your own future and future generations worth it?

Marijuana is often substituted for actual help. Who would go to a drug when they felt great? Who would get stupid when being smart is the only way to win and succeed in a rapidly advancing technological society? Why would anyone go to a drug when a friend or person could truly assist with a difficulty in life? Common amongst all of these scenarios is failed help or no help. This does not mean no help possible but no help given at the time it was needed and wanted. Drugs are pushed by those who would assert help was unattainable or non-existent. Consider what every pot enthusiast, promoter or pusher communicates by his or her actions every time they promote marijuana as a solution to a worried mind, guilty conscious, nervous attitude, angry reaction, or psycho-somatic pressure or pain which is more tenable when stoned for a few hours.

Those promoters who say it’s smoked to have fun or relax have forgotten how to have fun and relax with out drugs. This is called dependency and sounds like the beginnings of addiction to me. It’s amazing to me that a marijuana user need to get stoned to have fun or feel excitement or pleasure. These feelings of excitement and pleasure have become so identified with being stoned that feeling good reactivates or triggers the desire to get stoned. Soon the drug user can’t think of having sex or much less a conversation without thinking about how ‘good’ it would be to
be high right now. Can’t stop thinking about it, all your friends do it, wouldn’t think of going anywhere with out it, can’t sleep at night or relax or calm your mind down on your own? If marijuana were so innocuous why do its adherents cling to it like a life saver in a choppy sea? That is marijuana addiction.

The basic principle that the success of the Narconon Program is based on is that given the right tools, given some caring help, a person can cure themselves of addiction. More than 75% of the Narconon students who have finished the program do in fact cure themselves of their addiction.

Teenager Marijuana Smokers at ‘Cannabis’ Day

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