Narconon Science Studies / References

Narconon Science Studies have been done in numerous countries, mostly on the Narconon Detox and Rehabilitation program. Substance abuse recovery programs give hope to parents and families who desperately want to help their loved ones. Results and hard evidence is given here to further give support to those beliefs that drug addiction can be ended.

Successful Prevention Education is a reality. I personally participated with a team of drug prevention specialists assigned to teach kids the truth about drugs and alcohol. The 6 presentations were delivered in a way students would accept and appreciate the information they learned. The results of the program were outstanding.

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab Studies

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Drug Residuals In Fatty Tissue

Outcome Study – US Juvenile Offenders in Narconon Rehab

The Narconon Drug Prevention Education program has also been scrutinized through a very recent science study.

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Narconon Drug Prevention Study

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Narconon Drug Prevention Science Study

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Tibor A. Palatinus, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist