The Role of Parents with an Addicted Child

Of all of the different types of drug and alcohol addiction crisis issues that can and do come up in society, one of the most saddening and heartbreaking of them all is parents having to live with a young adult child who has been struggling with serious drug or alcohol addiction.


This is a tough issue to deal with to say the least, and one that should not be wished upon anyone.  Drug and alcohol addiction is something that affects people of all ages, demographics, sexes, races, geographic locations, income levels, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  There is no discrimination with drug and alcohol addiction and, spiritually speaking, any one person is just as likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol as any other person is.  This has become an unfortunate reality as the drug epidemic in the United States continues to spread.


With drug and alcohol addiction being as sadly common and prevalent as it is today, the biggest concern and the biggest worry among parents is that their kids will end up becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and will go off the deep end themselves.  They worry about this greatly, and rightly so too.  They worry that their kids will fall on hard times and become addicted to drugs and alcohol like so many other youngsters are these days.


What Parents Can Do About It


There are two ways that parents can approach substance abuse.  One way is if their kids have not yet engaged in it.  The other way is if their kids have engaged in it already.


If two parents have a kid who has already begun to use and abuse drugs and alcohol, then the focus needs to be on getting that kid into rehab as soon as is possible.  Young adults and teens die from drugs and alcohol far more easily and more often than older adults do, so this is not something to mess around with.  Your role as a parent at this point needs to be to get your kids into rehab as quickly as is possible.


If two parents have a kid or kids and addiction has not yet entered into their lives, then your role as parents is to focus on prevention and education.  You need to do everything within your power to absolutely ensure that your kids will not fall prey to an addiction.  You will be happy you took the effort in the long run.



W18 Warning: Vancouver, BC Street Drugs Lethal

Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver warns Vancouver Chinese speaking population about street drug dangers. W18, a lethal opioid drug more lethal than the strongest narcotic, is now found in Canada in trace amounts in cocaine and heroin. Fairchild TV Vincent Ng interviews Tibor Palatinus about the dangers of W18.

The message is simple: stay away from all drugs and street drugs in particular.  Tibor delivers drug prevention education in Metro Vancouver to school aged kids. The first step is to understand what drugs really are; next, what they do and consequences of taking; finally, better alternatives to taking drugs.

Tibor can be contacted for live Narconon drug prevention education or for free drug prevention DVDs and lesson plans by calling Narconon Vancouver at 604-873-1762

Opioid Drug W18 Threatens Canadians: Narconon Vancouver Tibor Palatinus interviewed by Fairchild TV -Chinese/ English from Tibor Palatinus on Vimeo.

Drug Prevention Education Narconon Vancouver 2016

“You were excellent and I would recommend to state these facts to every school and college.” Student

Student testimonials written by students after 1 Narconon Vancouver drug prevention education talk in 2016:

Student number: 26

Ages: 17-19, mostly ESL students

Students surveys rating speaker excellent: 22

Student surveys rating presentation excellent: 22

Sample responses from students:

“I liked it because it was fun and clear way to deliver. I really enjoyed it and you’re pretty awesome!”

“It was very informative. I’m not a drug user. I have a couple of friends who are into drugs. I’ll try to replicate this drug talk to them. I’d also like to enlighten my siblings.”

“It was helpful and interesting too. I can use it to make my friends aware about drugs. Also I can apply it in my life.”

“I learnt a lot about addiction I did not know before. I would tell people not to (take) drug by telling the consequences.”

“Provides great details about the harmful and bad drugs. I learnt to take legal i.e. pharmacy drugs really carefully rather than taking through closed eyes.”

I really understand about the drug addiction after the talk. The talk is really interesting and knowledgeable. (He) explained in such a good way . . ”

“I liked the most about drug talk is that it will help me to stay away from drugs in future.”

“I encourage this presentation and I would like to listen more lessons in the future from you.”

“Awesome talking. You are very friendly and way is very interesting.”

“Information about the drugs including definitions and legal and illegal drugs. Moreover, how they effect us.”

“the information was amazing about the drug information, legal and illegal”

“It was quite interesting and important talk because it aimed at the effects of drugs which are basically a devil to our society. Good job, keep it up, save our society.”


Ecstasy Drug Kills Teen in Kelowna Festival

CTV News reporter Kent Molgat reports A 17-year-old Kelowna teen, Marissa Ginter, died Thursday evening, and was apparently among a group of documented sick teens who had ingested some potentially fatal MDMA, or ecstasy said source close to the girl.

See the news story warning kids about the dangers of taking drugs.

How Ecstasy Drug Can Kill comments from Tibor Palatinus Drug Education Specialist

For Drug Education & Prevention DVDs or Talks contact Narconon Vancouver at 604-873-1762

Narconon Drug Prevention Education Radio Interview

Calgary News Talk Radio 770 Interviews Tibor A. Palatinus Drug Prevention Specialist for Narconon Vancouver Society.

Angela Kokott Host of Calgary Today Newstalk770 interviews Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver about WHY kids are using more drugs and alcohol by 12th grade.

Listen to the audio interview to get the insider answers to why drug and alcohol abuse amongst students increases in Canadian high schools.

Also, see the special offer to all teachers or counselors with groups of 10 or more, who are listening to this drug education audio clip.

Why High School Student Abuse More Alcohol & Drugs as They Become Seniors

From News Story:

High school may improve young people’s minds, but it does the opposite for their bodies.
    A new study out of the University of Waterloo shows Canadian students in Grade 12 are in worse health than their younger high school peers.


    The research found that by the time students reach senior year, they’re at a significantly increased risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and lung cancer.
    It shows that over the four years of high school, the number of smokers went up 170 per cent, binge drinking jumped 167 per cent and marijuana use rose by 124 per cent.


    What’s more, the vast majority of students _ more than 89 per cent _ didn’t meet Health Canada’s guidelines for minimum physical activity and barely seven per cent reported eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Drug Prevention Specialist on the Truth About Drug Marketing

News Talk Radio 770 in Calgary interviewed Narconon Vancouver Society’s Tibor Palatinus, drug prevention specialist, on the subject of, “Why high school kids are using and drinking more as they go through their junior and senior years?”

The answer’s may surprise you.

I will be posting the entire audio interview discussing marijuana abuse, teenage binge drinking and who profits from drugging kids.

Listen to the News Talk Radio interview from June 27th 2013 on my next blog post of Narconon Vancouver, drug prevention education.

4/20 Marijuana Education by Drug Prevention Specialist Interview

4/20 is this just another way to promote marijuana abuse? Who really benefits by slacking marijuana laws?

Find out the greatest problem to widespread marijuana abuse in BC and Canada.

YouthInk school magazine interviewer Nisha S interviews Tibor Palatinus of Narconon Vancouver Society

I thought it was important to put 4/20 and marijuana abuse in society in an educational perspective. That’s my perspective.

I left out the stats, the blood, the broken families, addiction, drug lords controlling entire economies, students failed and flunking out of school, etc. The above is therefore me being ‘light’. The real truth is really very dark and ugly. I left that out :)


I always enjoy supporting the media through interviews as popular media is the best resource for drug prevention education. Feel free to contact me anytime you or a student needs a perspective on drug use! I love to help out.


Tibor A. Palatinus

Drug Prevention Specialist

to get free drug prevention DVDs and teacher lesson plans click here.

Drug Prevention Education Canada – bath salts

‘Bath Salts’: not just another drug and not to be confused with natural products for the bath.

This is the name of a very powerful designer drug, manufactured for the purpose of undermining controlled substance acts in countries such as Canada.

Listen to the full interview of Narconon Vancouver Society’s Tibor Palatinus, drug prevention specialist and Angela Kocott of QR77 am radio in Calgary.

Bath Salts – Prevention Education in Calgary Alberta

Canadian high school drug education programs available NOW

Contact us at Narconon Vancouver Society to obtain DVD drug prevention education  programs for elementary and high school students. We will email you a request and once you return it, we will get your school, counseling practice or prevention work some great educational resources to support Healthy Communities.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System

Many people want to know how long marijuana stays in your blood system? Others want to know how long THC stays in the brain? What sort of influences will weed or cannabis have on you after you smoke it?

For a full interview on the effects of marijuana on people, listen to this news broadcast on marijuana.

How Long Marijuana Stays in the System

I found a very short video which explains the problems people get into by smoking weed. Watch below:


Bath Salts – Drug Prevention Education for Canada

Bath Salts – the toxic designer drug which temporarily evades laws in Canada, is discussed by CKNW News 1130 Simi Sara show with Tibor Palatinus drug prevention specialist of Narconon Vancouver Society.

Read full article on Bath Salts by Tibor Palatinus here

Following is a 10 min audio interview from June 5 2012 on the Simi Sara show in Vancouver Canada.

Tibor Palatinus Drug Prevention Specialist interview by CKNW News 1130 Simi Sara – Bath Salts drug

Drug prevention education DVDs can be requested by going to Community Drug Education website.