Holistic Drug Rehabilitation in BC

We will help you find effective drug rehabs for you or a loved one, show you what to look for in an alcohol rehab, and give you insight into why you or a loved one is still having troubles. 

Narconon Vancouver helps people find holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Vancouver, BC. Holistic drug treatment centers use personalized 1 on 1 treatments that are more effective than traditional rehab centers using group counselling approaches.

Why Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Traditional Drug Rehab:

Traditional rehab uses a ‘meetings and meds’ protocol: you go to meetings and doctors or nurses prescribing meds for life difficulties. Regrettably most people on drugs became drug dependent by using drugs, pills or alcohol to solve their life problems.

How about some real help instead?

Traditional rehab does not work for everyone, people are different and have different needs. Private holistic rehabilitation centers treat the entire person on a 1 on 1 basis for their specific issues.

What if the person does not want to be on drugs? What if the person is not addicted but simply dependent on drugs their doctor gave them? What if the person has difficulty speaking in groups?

Holistic Rehabilitation Programs Vancouver, BC

Holistic drug rehab means treating the whole person: emotional, physical, mind and spirit through health, nutrition, counsel, integrative medicine, natural medicine, diet, exercise, learning processes and more. The majority of procedures are delivered 1 on 1 to remedy specific and general problems.

Holistic drug rehab treatments use nutritional supplementation, personalized counselling, spiritual recovery, personalized diets, exercise, natural detox processes (sauna, massage, targeted detox supplements, ionic baths, etc), daily protocols, yoga / stretching, mindfulness and such treatments to revitalize a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Holistic drug rehab can work much faster and more efficiently than traditional treatments.

Understanding traditional and holistic treatment is easy:

Traditional treatment: 3 minute doctor visit and diagnosis, followed by treatment prescribed with insufficient knowledge of the situation to remedy or even know the true underlying problems.

  • Resulting in a drugged person more dependent on the doctor or pills to ‘fix’ their problems for them, giving the individual little personal insight.

Holistic drug treatment: hours of diagnosis followed by many hours and days of targeted treatments to resolve specific problems by getting to the roots of those problems.

  • Resulting in a healthy more aware person better able to control and determine their own health and state of mind.

 Find Holistic Drug Rehabs near Vancouver

The majority of true holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs in Vancouver are private, some outpatient and some inpatient. Private means you pay the center directly, MSP or WCB rarely covers.

For MSP or WCB covered centers you will be directed to traditional rehab centers.  in CanaHowever, some private pay holistic rehabs will accept extended health insurance!

There are benefits to holistic treatment. Primarily, you will become healthier through natural processes designed to rapidly improve your health and well being. Next, you will be empowered to become healthier and so you won’t need or want meds or alcohol to solve your problems anymore.

Give us a call at 604-873-1762 and we will help you find a private holistic rehab program designed for your full recovery.